The Denan Project

We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization providing health and development assistance to under-served people living in some of the world’s poorest places. Focusing on health care, agriculture, clean water, education, and economic development, we work with local, on-the-ground partners with the ultimate goal of making impoverished communities permanently self-sustainable.

Our Board of Directors pays for all Administrative and Fundraising costs so that 100% of your donation goes directly to people in desperate need.

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Saving Lives, Empowering Communities


About us

The Denan Project seeks to help people living in some of the most isolated and impoverished communities around the world. We start by providing resources to provide free, quality medical care, and then typically expand into programs that support agriculture, water, and education, economic development and other critical needs.

How It All Began: Watch Our Video

The Denan Project was founded in 2004 by filmmaker Dick Young. After traveling to Ethiopia to film a documentary, he visited a camp for refugees and internally displaced persons located in the Ogaden region, a remote area in the southeastern part of the country.